Horse Training for the Trail Rider


Our Philosophy

At Spirit of Texas Arabians we specialize in training the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse for trail riding, trail obstacles and the basics of dressage. Through our individualized Combined Training Program you have the opportunity to acquire all of the skills necessary to have your horse perform as well for you as he does for us. We encourage active participation by the owner in all aspects of your horse's training, so you can experience personal growth in your skills, knowledge and confidence. A good training program begins with good communication between the trainer/coach and you. We want to understand your goals, past experiences, current skill level and get your feedback along the way.  Our full board with training package is $770/month and includes 1 lesson a week. Visit our Boarding Page to learn more.  


Trail Riding

We teach horsemanship  from the ground up. You will learn simple, gentle methods for establishing yourself as a dominant, trusted leader in your equine partnership. Your confidence will increase as you gain a balanced, centered seat perfect for the trail, how to post the correct diagonal and the proper cues for canter leads and lateral movements. You will also learn how to handle a refusal or major spook with confidence and do fun stuff, like opening gates from horseback, crossing wooden bridges, creeks and jumping logs. 


Trail Obstacles

In our horse training program we build your horse's overall agility & confidence in the arena and on the trail. We use our working equitation / trail obstacle course to practice for ACTHA, Competitive Trail, and Working Equitation events judged on obstacles. We are adjacent to the LBJ Grasslands with 75 miles of equestrian trails, so your horse will receive actual trail training on the trail. Our training  prepares your horse to be confident for competing or is great for building on his/her overall strength and skills. Trail riding with us will give you a good idea as to when you are ready to ride your horse. You may even want to consider our full-care horse boarding after your horse has completed his training. 


Dressage Basics

Whether you ride for pleasure or you compete, dressage is the basic foundation for most riding disciplines. At Spirit of Texas Arabians we have a full size 20 m x 60 m outdoor dressage arena which is set up for you to practice your dressage basics with one of our instructors. We also have mirrors in our small covered arena for you to be able to watch yourself as you take a lesson and make instant adjustments to help you build on the correct outline of you and your horse for better balance, straightness and throughness. These  basics will help you be a better rider and secure partner with your horse both in the arena and out on the trail.  You are also welcome to go with us if you decide to show.



If you have never tried endurance, you may be hooked after your first ride. We no longer compete in endurance, but if you have your own truck and trailer and just need good advice on selecting the right horse, buying the right tack, outlining a good conditioning program and a good nutrition program, we can help you get started. Our endurance students learn how to pace and monitor their horses. The most important part of endurance competition is knowing how to read and listen to your horse, to know when he is tired, dehydrated, or just not feeling his best and how to best manage and care for him during a competition. You need to acquire a good feel for your horse's gaits so that you can detect a minor lameness before it becomes serious and before you arrive at the vet check. If you think you might want to try the sport, but don't have a suitable horse, we can help you find the perfect horse for you. 


Ground Manners

Part of the training process at Spirit of Texas Arabians is working with your horse so that he/she is comfortable and confident in a variety of situations. From the barn, to the wash stall, to the trails to the trailer, to camping out, we want you to feel secure knowing your horse is well behaved in all aspects of their daily routine. Your horse will learn to stand quietly in cross ties for clipping, tacking up, bathing and farrier work, load, haul and unload easily and tie to the trailer. We can work with you and your horse together so that you feel confident in handling your horse wherever you may be. Contact us to learn more about our boarding & training packages.